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Welcome to the Madison Education Foundation (MEF)


Welcome to the home of the Madison Education Foundation in Madison County, Idaho. Our mission is to support, maintain, and enhance educational programs and activities for all students in Madison School District No. 321. Philanthropic and volunteer assistance from individuals, businesses, and community partners allows the Foundation to further advance and support the educational mission of Madison School District.

The Madison Education Foundation was established in 1993 to promote enhanced funding of educational programs and opportunities for students. Recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 charitable organization, the Madison Education Foundation legitimizes donations from individuals and organization as tax deductible.

Governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of business leaders, community members, and school district employees, the Foundation directs literally every donation back to students.

An accounting system is used by the Foundation which allows individual donations to be designated to specific areas within the district. For example, donations may be directed towards specific classrooms, school projects and programs, any school, or to the Perpetual Grant Fund of the Foundation. All receipts contain an explanation of the designation, along with the dollar amount.

The Madison Education Foundation is also able to issue receipts for in-kind donations. This type of donation is made up of used items such as computers, office equipment, and education materials and supplies. The value of an in-kind donation is determined by the donor.